Restoration Plus is a California licensed, bonded, and insured restoration and construction company that has highly trained and experienced workmen using state-of-the-art equipment. Our renovation and remodeling services conform to exacting professional design specifications and include a complete range of residential and commercial applications.

Our building services include:

Pre Construction Consultation: We offer expert, realistic estimating and pricing, and deliver comprehensive proposals with quick turnarounds. We carefully evaluate construction sequencing and project scheduling, as well as material procurement, and budget management. We believe that it’s important to ensure that our clients can make the critical decisions before construction begins.

Renovations/Remodels: We work with homeowners to design kitchen and bathroom remodels; build custom cabinets and countertops; install electrical and plumbing applications; lay intricate tile work; build porches and decks; place windows; lay new flooring; and more. We can take care of all your home expansions, renovations, or remodels. We understand that expanding your home to accommodate the growing need for children's rooms, lofts, larger kitchens, and other needs can be an investment that adds to the value of your home and we’re here to help make it a reality.

Tenant Housing Improvements: We listen to concerns and offer solutions. Drawing on years of experience allows us to help guide our clients through the most complex projects. These include the full range of repair and building services that cater to the specific needs and requirements of commercial building projects, apartment buildings, and office complexes. We are committed to the timely completion of every project we undertake.

Healthcare Facilities: We have extensive know-how working with medical care facilities and vast experience navigating all aspects of compliance with California’s rigorous medical care facility building standards. We understand how important it is that these complex and costly facilities will be able to safely and fully meet their community’s needs.