Fire/Smoke Damage

Fire can be especially devastating to a home or business. After the fire trucks leave a property will have suffered fire and smoke damage, but there is widespread potential for water damage from the firefighting efforts as well. Restoration Plus has the training and experience to clean and restore your home to pre-fire condition, including the removal of pervasive smoke odors and deep-set soot through air scrubbers, ionization, and in certain instances, ozone generators.

The complexity of property loss due to fire and smoke damage is due enlarge to the unique behavior of smoke. Smoke and heat can penetrate into structural cavities causing hidden damage and lingering odors. It’s imperative that this be assessed and accounted for. A fire damage professional can determine the impact fire, smoke, and moisture had on your building and its contents.

Facts about smoke

  • Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels of a structure.
  • Smoke flows through the holes around pipes used for the plumbing and electrical systems to go from floor to floor.

Facts about residual soot

  • Wet smoke residue results from smoldering fires with low heat. This residue is sticky, smeary, and pungent.
  • Dry smoke residue results from fast burning, high temperature fires. This residue is dry, powdery, non-smeary smoke particles.
  • Protein residue is extremely pungent, but essentially invisible, and can discolor paints, varnishes, and finishes.
  • Fuel or oil residue results only if petroleum products were stored on site. More commonly, fuel and oil residue comes from furnace puff-backs that cause fuel oil soot.
  • Fire extinguisher residue will vary according to the type of fire extinguisher used. Some types of extinguishers do not require clean-up after use, though chemical extinguishers will.

Restoration Plus will survey the site while initially inspecting the property to determine the extent of fire damage and the scope of required cleaning, restoration, and repairs. This includes assessing the full extent of smoke and fire damage; the material effect of smoke and/or fire; what can be restored and what must be replaced; the proper method for cleaning soot residue and eliminating smoke odor; a complete materials inventory, listing what personal belongings may need to be relocated during the restoration period; and how long the cleanup and restoration will take.

Restoration Plus will do whatever it takes to restore your sense of normalcy and security with a minimum of disruption. Since most clients continue to live or work in their homes or offices during the restoration period, we use containment or plastic sheet barriers to control and minimize disruption and dust from affecting other parts of your living and working space.

In consideration of both people and property Restoration Plus professionals will handle your furniture, collectibles, appliances, and equipment with the utmost care. We want to help you overcome the feelings of frustration and helplessness, and will explain every step of the process so you understand what is happening and know what to expect. Restoration Plus will keep you constantly up to date and answer all your questions while helping you get back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

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