Mold Remediation

Excessive amounts and certain types of mold present important health concerns. It is essential for the health of you and your family, and the protection of your property, to address mold issues and arrange for professional mold removal and remediation as soon as the presence of mold is identified.

Mold spores thrive on moisture and can quickly develop into colonies when exposed to water or excessive humidity. Water damage can be a primary source for the start of mold growth so it is important to have water damaged areas cleaned promptly and professionally to eliminate the potential proliferation of mold. Signs of excessive mold can include strong, musty odors; visible mold residue; or evidence of past moisture problems; but it often requires a professional assessment to determine the actual extent.

Once detected the most effective way to protect your family and property is to have the mold remediated. Remediation should include professional cleaning and odor removal. The efforts of well-meaning homeowners may sometimes accelerate mold growth. The use of UV light or high-heat drying can bring temporary benefits, but may not eliminate the source of the problem, allowing the mold problem to return over time. A professional can assess this.

Restoration Plus’ mold removal services are comprehensive and complete, and include necessary cleaning and sanitization through the targeted use of air scrubbers, ionization, and in certain instances, ozone generators.

Containment is a large part of the mold remediation process as well. An applied system of plastic sheet barriers not only minimizes disruption to other parts of your living or working space, just as importantly it controls the danger of cross-contamination, ensuring that once the plastic barriers are removed other areas of the building are still mold free.

Restoration Plus will do whatever it takes to restore your sense of normalcy and security with a minimum of disruption. Since most clients continue to live or work in their homes or offices during the restoration period, we use containment or plastic sheet barriers to control and minimize disruption and dust from affecting other parts of your living and working space.

In consideration of both people and property Restoration Plus professionals will handle your furniture, collectibles, appliances, and equipment with the utmost care. We want to help you overcome the feelings of frustration and helplessness, and will explain every step of the process so you understand what is happening and know what to expect. Restoration Plus will keep you constantly up to date and answer all your questions while helping you get back to your normal life as quickly as possible.