Water Damage & Extraction

Water damage can be a home’s or business’ most destructive emergency—a devastating setback for a family or business. Whether storm, plumbing breakage, or fire suppression water can be extremely invasive and damaging, and often, unfortunately, the damage doesn’t end when the source is repaired and water eliminated.

Identifying the full extent of the damage, both the obvious and the unseen, is critical. If not thoroughly and efficiently dried, resultant soaking can lead to further damage over time with rot and mildew that can creep into other areas of the structure. Initial water extraction coupled with the removal of thoroughly damaged materials that eliminates visible moisture damage, must be followed by dehumidification to extract lingering moisture from the affected structure.

Restoration Plus will thoroughly assess the complete need and give you a thorough explanation of the work that needs to be done and the steps necessary for filing your insurance claim. Then, with closely documented monitoring, Restoration Plus will start the drying process so the timely repair and renovation phase can begin in earnest.

Restoration Plus will do whatever it takes to restore your sense of normalcy and security with a minimum of disruption. Since most clients continue to live or work in their homes or offices during the restoration period, we use containment barriers or plastic sheets to control and minimize disruption and dust from affecting other parts of your living and working space.

In consideration of both people and property Restoration Plus professionals will handle your furniture, collectibles, appliances, and equipment with the utmost care. We want to help you overcome the feelings of frustration and helplessness, and will explain every step of the process so you understand what is happening and know what to expect. Restoration Plus will keep you constantly up to date and answer all your questions while helping you get back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

Water Damage