This was a commercial building that was doing some renovations and when they opened the walls up discovered mold and called us in to abate it so they could continue with the tenant improvement work.

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Island Leak

A small leak in this kitchen island caused water damage and developed some mold. We setup containment around the whole island still leave access to the rest of the kitchen and then removed the island and remediated the mold.

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Hospital Containment

Working in hospitals and medical facilities require extra care to ensure that there is no cross contamination or exposure to patients.

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Dishwasher Leak

The supply line to the dishwasher busted causing water damage to their center island and wood floor. We were able to carefully remove the marble countertop that matched the remaining countertops in the kitchen. Since the wood floor was already getting removed and replaced the homeowners used this opportunity to replace the carpet in their living room with wood floor as well and change the existing wood floor in the bathroom to herringbone tile.

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