Kitchen Remodel

After some water damage under the kitchen sink, the home owners decided this was the perfect time to remodel their kitchen, making the best out of a bad situation.

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A water leak in the kitchen caused extensive damage to the kitchen cabinets and wood floor. At the home owners request we replaced all the flooring in the entire downstairs of the house with wood looking ceramic tile so that if they ever have another leak they won’t have to rip up all their flooring again.

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Kitchen remodel and opening up of the living space.

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Island Leak

A small leak in this kitchen island caused water damage and developed some mold. We setup containment around the whole island still leave access to the rest of the kitchen and then removed the island and remediated the mold.

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Angle Stop

The angle stop under his kitchen sink caused substantial damage to the kitchen cabinets and wood floor. Once everything that was damaged was removed we were able to go back with new kitchen cabinets and upgrade the flooring to a ceramic tile with a wood look. We also custom installed a wine fridge in the backside of the cabinet utilizing some dead space.

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Toilet Backup

Too much toilet paper put down this toilet at one time caused the line to backup getting black water everywhere.

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Supply Line Burst

Finding water running out the front door the homeowner shut off the main and called Restoration Plus. The water had run throughout most of the downstairs of the house, meaning that all the flooring and the complete kitchen had to be removed and replaced.

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Shower Valve Leak

An old shower valve finally gave up the ghost causing water damage to two bathrooms on either side of the shared wall. For the rebuild the homeowner wanted to install an endless shower in the master bedroom and upgrade the vanities in both bathrooms.

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Pipe Leak

A pipe in the wall behind the toilet sprung a leak causing damage to one bathroom and the adjacent vanity room. Since all the cabinets had to be removed and replaced the homeowners used this opportunity to upgrade and modernize their bathrooms.

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Slow Leak

This was a slow leak that was noticed due to the discoloration of the baseboard. After opening up the walls it was discovered that the bathtub drain on the other side of the wall had a small leak. While the walls were open we were able to have a plumber make repairs before everything was dried and put back together.

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